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online vat return filing

just like to "flag up"

a consistent defect in online vat rtn filing

i dont file many but the two client's whose  vat rtns i do file were sent aggressive penalty surcharge notice and warnings even though the vat rtn was already filed on time.

there is some system error going on at the customs end of HMRC  It systems.


a conversation with an officer of course showed no knowledge whatsoever of this happening.(even though I had to conact the vat office in writing)


online VAT return filing

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Was the return paid on time electronically?  They issue notices if the return isn't filed on time or not paid on time.  HMRC don't operate faster payments, so the payment has to be made at least 4 working days before the deadline and they are extremely picky about late payments.

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i can do no better than quote from these guidance notes found online....


Paying your (modest) taxes
It’s changed !

HMRC in its infinite wisdom has binned the aeons-established system of using the Bank of England for its banking, and signed up with the Yanks (Citibank) to receive our taxes – no idea why – ask HMRC.
The collateral damage (to us) is this means that credits to HMRCy now take 3-4 days from British (proper) banks because Citi are not part of FPS (uk Faster Payment System).
This is a real drama when paying time-critical taxes e.g. VAT due by 7th so tax MUST be sent by 3rd to be sure of reaching HMRC on time etc……OR use CHAPS.

Did HMRC spend a nano-second thinking about the punters when setting up this new arrangement? -what do you think?
Plus ca change as the Germans say……..

 I am having a real battle

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 I am having a real battle with the Liverpool VAT office at the moment. They have always been very awkward to deal with and are currently demanding a substantial amount from one of my clients whilst totally refusing to give us any information as to how this supposed debt has accrued. I am 100% certain they are wrong and pretty sure I know why but they flatly reuse to provide the information for me to check this out. I shall definitely use the process above to deal with this.  .


we have a case where the local vat officer has had an item in her intray for 10 weeks so because she didnt tell us what it was she wanted our client was issued with an assessment 

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