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where is it?

come on, it's the greatest desk software in the world, so let's have it online.

For instance has anyone looked at Kashflow- all their stupid new terms for familiar things ? -it's creper than crepe etc.



Bank Statement Imports

chatman | | Permalink

We're getting bank statement imports first. Then tax returns I think.

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Not a fan of online

Mark Three | | Permalink

Personally whilst some people like online accounting, I am not a fan, as have had experiences of downtime and no access when the monthly subs haven't been paid.

I have used VT with Dropbox - that seems to work reasonably well, although you can get conflicted copies if you don't wait long enough for Dropbox to sync before ending a session.

I could see the merit of VT online for say Mac users.  But a version of VT for Mac would be great, since there are: A: a lot of Mac users including iPad, and B: very few good accounts programs for Mac that follow proper accounting procedures.


Mac version low priority

chatman | | Permalink

If VT produced a Mac version before doing bank statement imports, I would stop using VT.

VT Final Accounts is an Excel add-in, so I don't see how it could exist on line.

MAC Version

trevorwhite | | Permalink

If you want to run VT on a MAC just use a Windows emulator such as Parallels - it works fine  have a few customers who use on their MACs in this way


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abelljms | | Permalink








i agree your comment re "not a fan of online", my visions is for people to be able to choose how they access the software.

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not VT Accts online

abelljms | | Permalink

just the bookkeeping programme online.

On-line too Different to Desktop

chatman | | Permalink

I don't know much about this, but wouldn't an on-line version require completely different programming?

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abelljms | | Permalink





you are right it seems to work in dropbox.

have not shared across different users yet.


wow wow



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vt online

abelljms | | Permalink




i'm only talking about vt online, vt accts is a separate product application.






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