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Oooh I've pulled!

Just had an email from a lady in Sydney!


Hello Mr.!  [It actually says that, "Hello Mr.!"]

I know that my letter will a surprising for you. I will try to explain to you.

I asked the agency to find a man for a serious relationship.

They gave me email address. And so I write.

My name is Diana. I am 27 years old. I was born in Poland. But now I live in Sydney.

I'm a lawyer in the economic. I work for a big company.

I like my job, but I don't have time for relationship.

A little about me: I am very communicative girl. My friends say about me that I talk too much.

But I love to speak. I like to read books. Every day I play tennis and golf.

I like watching a soccer and snooker. My weight 55 kg. My height 178 cm.

My hair color-light brown. My eye color - brown.

Now you know a little about me. If you are interested please contact me on my personal mail.


Here is my email address - ********* [deleted by me]


I'll have a vacation for a month. And I plan to visit UK. To me interesting to know all about UK.

I would love to see your letter and pictures. Please tell me about yourself.

I'm curious to know all about you. Have a nice day.



Obviously I will be emailing her back to say she sounds lovely and I would love a virus adding to my computer!  When can we meet?  Also does she know Alexandra from the Meerkat advert as she talks an awful lot like him.

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I'd be more worried about...

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

getting another sort of virus, you are probably number 75, sorry that's no reflection on you she was just given a list.  Anyway it will teach you to stop signing up to these sites!

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Send her

taxhound | | Permalink

I would send her your bank details too so she can send over some spending money for her trip.

You lucky thing!!!

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

If you meet her and find she's not your type perhaps you could introduce her to the rest of us? The only chat up I've had today started 'HELLO Dearest in Christ' - obviously thought I was a bit hard of hearing but of better moral virtue :)

She's from Tanzania and dying from cancer (but what worries her most is her stroke) and wants me to take care of her son (who's in bible school). She'll give me $21 million that she's got stored in a metallic box (presumably quite a large one) once she's heard back from me.

So how about I adopt this woman's son and give you a share of the $21m - then Diana can look after this boy while you & I spend the dosh (I think there was some request to spend it on churches but I glossed over the waffly bit and once the money is mine....)

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Ok, seriously now...

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

I have 100% not signed up to any dating sites or anything similar, and 200% wouldn't have used my work email address if I had!  In fact I haven't even signed up for anything, legitimate or otherwise, with my work email address in... well, it would have been 2011, I've been busy all of 2012.

What is going on?!?

And Flash, I'm jealous, that Cancer woman was after me a while ago (on another email address, the one that gets all the spam).


Hi my darling, dear friend.

How are you?

Writes to you beautiful, blond, brought up. Decent and very lovely girl.

My name is - Yuliya. To me of 29 years.

I from Russia. I want to find the present and unique love.

I already burned about love. I hope it won't repeat any more.

I want to get acquainted with you more close.

To learn you, to learn your interests and preferences.

I hope you not against it? It only dialogue.

I will necessarily send you my photo

In the following letter. I hope to you it will be pleasant.

I with impatience will wait for your answer


To this address: [email protected]


In expectation of your answer, whole, Yuliya.


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Well I've

johnjenkins | | Permalink

got so many tax refunds made out to me from HMRC. Yes tax refunds on top of those already got. Those nice people at HMRC only wanted my bank account details. Now I'm sitting back just waiting for the money to roll in.


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thisistibi | | Permalink

Is your work email address listed on your website?  It might have been harvested for such uses.......

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Other businesses are forever selling your details

ShirleyM | | Permalink

We recently had a telephone line removed, and another line changed from ISDN back to ADSL, and since then we have been plagued by sales calls trying to sell us telephone systems, call providers, broadband providers ... in other words anything and everything that could vaguely be associated with a telephone line! 

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If you send an email

nogammonsinanun... | | Permalink

to someone else, and as a result your email address enteres that someone else's contact list, and that someone else has appropriate malware installed, you will soon find yourself getting emails from Russia, Nigeria, and now it seems Australia.

Sign of the times.  No real solution of which I am aware.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

I'm now happily sending emails back and forth to the 'girls' and am accepting bets as to when and how they will try and fleece me.

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@CC - you should take advice from these people,

Democratus | | Permalink

You should take advice from these people,

You never know you might actually make a few bob for charity.



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I have had a letter today trhough the post

taxhound | | Permalink

From Mr Etherton Xu in China who wants to give me a split of $17.5m.  He thinks I must be related to some bloke who left this money in a bank as we have the same surname so it is surely mine anyway.

Does not seem to have noticed that he wrote to Mrs ... so I am not related to anyone with that surname (except my children of course).

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Sounds Legit    1 thanks

Henry Osadzinski | | Permalink

Better send them your credit card details and a scan of your birth certificate ;-)

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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Democratus wrote:

You should take advice from these people,

You never know you might actually make a few bob for charity.




I've been reading the scambaiter/419 site avidly and want to emulate them :)  My aim is to get a photo of a woman holding a cardboard sign with a pre-decided message on it, I'm open to suggestions as it needs to be epicly ironic and/or funny :)

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weaversmiths | | Permalink

I had a chap, who obviously comes from a sunny country, ask to be my Facebook friend.  He came via someone I know at Radio Caroline so I agreed. He has been sending long messages which I haven't had time to read or reply to and he now thinks I am so nice and worthy enough to be called his MOTHER!!!  Grrrrrrrr. I think he will shortly be "defriended" - decapitated if he was within striking distance.   How wrong could anyone be?  Even my own children know that I am extremely short on mothering instiinct(:-).


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me too

essex accountant | | Permalink

I had the same email from the same lady in Sydney. it sounded a little more plausible than the normal scam emails I get but I deleted it anyway.

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CC Surprised or disappointed?

Democratus | | Permalink

You'll be disappointed if it is an 8 & 1/2 stone brown haired brown eyed beautiful Russian with pure and honest intent and you go and ask for a picture of her holding a sign saying "For Ducks Sake", or I'm Quackers for Ducks".

A hairy a**ed Russian with sweat stained pits and bloodshot eyes or a Nigerian wideboy would be a more reasonable expectation.   



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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

I fully expect to get a beautiful woman in the picture I get back, in fact I have had 4 pics (that I dare not open yet) which will, I am sure, contain stunning women.

Now as to whether the writer and the subject of the photo are one and the same, who knows?  Am I Dr John Carter?  No, but oddly I look an awful lot like him in the photos i sent to my 2 future wives.

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