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I have followed the email flyer through to the custom website but it fails to answer lots of questions for me;

  • Cost structure
  • Security
  • How clients access it
  • Can any files be stored on it

I have been using Dropbox for 18 months and converting more clients over to it but I do have reservations about its security.  If these can be addressed by Openspace then that will make it worth paying for, if I know what the commitment will be - though would I be able to copy and paste files from Dropbox over to Openspace so that what we have already accumulated doesn't get lost?

Has anyone taken the plunge yet and/or got answers to these questions?




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I am interested in this, but ...

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I see IRIS World 2012 is on the way, 02/10/12, London (Twickenham Stadium). 04/10/12, Coventry (Ricoh Arena), 10/10/12 Cumbernauld (Westerwood Hotel) and 16/10/12 Manchester (Salford City Stadium).

Sounds like a good place to discuss this in depth with the horse's mouth!


Hi Tim    1 thanks

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Hi Tim

I think that the first 1GB of disk usage in OpenSpace is free.

If so then that's a great start.

You can print all manner of documents directly from Iris (just tick the copy to OpenSpace box when printing) and they will upload automatically for you.

If the client doesn't exist in OpenSpace then the client folder is created automatically. You then need to go into that client and add a few details. First name, Last name, email address etc.

Here you can have OpenSpace email the client to let them know that a document is available for retrieval, it sends them the OpenSpace URL and their private login details.

You can also simply drag files from your local PC straight into the OpenSpace folders and it will ftp them up for you.

Security I'm not 100% sure of this yet, were still only just starting to look at OpenSpace.

We're also going to contact our clients before signing them up as they may not feel confident be asked to log into a private secure web site which they have no prior knowledge of and think that the welcome email is actually spam.

Hope that answers some of your questions.  


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Been playing

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Tomsk has got it right, I signed up earlier today and have been playing about with it.

It has a Dropbox look & feel about it and don't be fooled by the references to being able to upload docs direct only from Iris Accounts, as all the doing modules have the upload option on the print screen.  It doesn't work however if you are printing a report from a client screen in Practice Management.

If you want to really confuse it and yourself upload say the firm's set of accounts to create the firm as a client and then register yourself as that client's representative (you will have to use a personal email account).  When you get the personal invite to login, you can set your password but the moment you try and look at anything the screen jumps to you as the accountant, must be cookies? As I said, I was playing.

From the horse's mouth and their website, top of the agenda was security and this uses bank security (so you can even money launder in complete safety!) which does put it ahead of Dropbox.

I can't see that we'll use the printing from Iris upload as we rarely let clients have a bland document straight from Iris, ie we tend to pack up accounts, letters of rep, cover letter etc etc in one PDF and so we'll use the manual upload most of the time.

It's early days and, hopefully, it will come into its own if & when online signature/approval is enabled, ie you get an email from Openspace to say that the client has approved the tax return. But at the moment with Dropbox and all its folders & files being open & available instantly on all my desktops, without the need to sign in, it will still be my preferred choice.

Also, as Dropbox has been around for so long now, it tends to be clients approaching me to share their folders rather than the other way around and so, without more than just higher security being the pro of Openspace, I'm unlikely to respond with "No thanks, but how about using my Openspace?"

By the way, on the security issue, anything sensitive we put on Dbox is encrypted with the client's password.


PS:  OGA - see you @ Twickers?

Thanks for clearing up the

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Thanks for clearing up the security issues Paul.

A digital signature/approval feature would be very useful.

We're also looking at linking the Iris OpenSpace to a texting service. We're busy populating Iris with clients mobile numbers at the moment.

Early days, I'm not quite sure where this will go, but hoping to at least use it to chase the usual suspects who make January such a tough month.   


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If you're quick ...

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... and attend IRISWorld you will get 3Gb space for free!

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It would seem the additional 2Gb is only until 31/01/13, the free 1Gb says it does not expire.

Little unhappy at this "Indian gift"

I am sure many unsuspecting punters will happily use up the 3Gb and then find themselves a monthly bill they weren't expecting.

Not sure how the costs compare to Dropbox etc, it is £5/Gb up to 10Gb, but then there are seemingly deals for packages above that.

As a novice I have no idea how long we would take to fill 1Gb, let alone 3Gb. Presumably you put things there for client to download and then clear them off periodically?

An idiots guide would be good!


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