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OTS Report-HMRC Administration -unglamorous & unheralded but...

it might be one of the most effective proposed reforms in terms of tax agent service delivery if adopted:

Extract from the Executive Summary of the  report:

"Businesses are entitled to expect clear answers on which they may rely in order to meet their tax
obligations. Published information and HMRC staff training should ensure that this need is met.
The OTS recommends that where a complex issue is raised, ownership be given to a particular
HMRC officer until resolved."

Case ownership is key to ensuring substantive progress with HMRC in reasonable timescales.



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Hmmmm    1 thanks

Paula Sparrow | | Permalink

That requires real people with real knowledge...back to the good old days then

Porcine aviation, perhaps.    1 thanks

leon0001 | | Permalink

Don't hold your breath.

I'll believe it when I see it

TOC | | Permalink

I'll believe it when I see it.

HMRC just ignore hard questions or where you point out their errors.

 They don't seem to communicate with each other with the result that the left hand does't know what the right is doing.

I did say "if"!

Exector | | Permalink

Depends on how much pressure HMRC get to take it up.

They are so budget driven these days it is all about cost and not about value for money, vide Oscar Wilde & cynics!  Particularly, what is my personal bugbear, using the mantra of "Self Assessment"  to effectively transfer costs of getting things right as much as possible to the private sector. ie ourselves and our clients, but why should we bear such costs in situations where the problem is created or exacerbated by HMRC?

It is phenomenally difficult to get through to any one in HMRC who can take any action in problem cases and the frustrating thing is even in the rare cases you succeed in speaking to someone, they often simply "top sheet" work it or refer it to get it off their desk, no one gets back to you and you have to go through the whole process  again, usually from scratch as you have no defined person to take it up with and most available contact routes are either generic helplines, call centres or clerical level telephone groups with no individual caseworkers. Often pretty useless place to start with technical issues in any event but other than via the obscure and clunky (non-technical) AAM system, not much way of subventing that route anyway.


As John Cleese would say "IT MAKES ME SOO MAAAD"

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I have every confidence

johnjenkins | | Permalink

that HMRC will sit up and take note just as they did with IR35.

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