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Overseas Clients

I am looking at developing a practice providing professional services to overseas SMEs looking to do business with or establish a presence in the UK.

With a particular focus on the Far East and South America, I am using Linkedin as my primary marketing tool with a view to securing local in country representatives on generous commissions.

So far I have found very little support available from the UK Government agencies including UKTI with my efforts.

I would very much like to hear of other members experiences and pointers to proven marketing methods to build an international but small practice.


Overseas Clients

Phillip12 | | Permalink

I am from the UK and now live in New Zealand.  I have been working my way through a similar concept.  Initially trying to attract the notice of UK SMEs wanting to do business in NZ and likewise NZ SME's wanting to do business in the UK.  I have found that once a business comes on to my radar they have well and truly sorted out their accounting requirements.

I am now going to pitch it slightly differently and this is to focus on expat communities but not as the be all and end all of developing my client base.  In your case if you chose a country such as Brazil, there are online forums for Brazilians in the UK and for UK expats in Brazil.  Perhaps this will give you a means to pick up some small clients and hopefully grow from there.




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