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Partnership filing

Hi all,

I have a partnership return to do for a new client which i picked up in November, what are your recomendations for a software pckage that I can just export everything across and file online please?



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I use SA2000

nigelburge | | Permalink

from QMS - have done for donkey's years. Not particularly well known but I find it excellent and it works every time.

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VT Final Accounts

BirdnCo | | Permalink

We use VT Final Accounts as does many on this site - check out everyones comments, all positive!

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nigelburge | | Permalink

I mis-read the question.

Yes, I use VT as well and it exports nicely to Sa2000.

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VT plus Tax Calc or Tax Assistant

Mrs Incredible | | Permalink

I use VT final accounts and then used to export to Tax Calc, now it's Tax Assistant.  Works as easily as you could want.

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