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Pedants wanted to look for a missing apostrophe

OK pedants, Waterstone's seems prepared to overlook the apostrophe, even though they sell thousands of them! What's the view of my esteemed colleagues?

Me, i don't want to lose it nor see it used where it's not needed; the old grocer's apostrophe.

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People can say what they like about it not mattering...    1 thanks

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But if I receive a badly written document from someone who should know better, it would affect my opinion of them.  If I were looking for an employee, then someone who could not write a decent letter would be a concern and it would count against them.

Bless the grocer's.  Or should that be grocers', or grocers???

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Casualty of marketing    2 thanks

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I can understand why they've done it - it does look cleaner but as soon as you think about it, the name stops making sense. This did make me laugh though:


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On the news this morning

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Somebody made the following comment to show how the lack of apostrophe can change the meaning ....

I have run out of food, so I am going to eat the dogs

I have run out of food, so I am going to eat the dogs'

EDIT: I always miss them through typos, or get them in the wrong place anyway ;)

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Don't mention the war . . .

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But I seem to recall that the firm which had previously been known as Price, Waterhouse & Co changed its name during World War 2 to Price Waterhouse & Co (dropping the comma).  It has been said (a tad unkindly perhaps) that the saving in printing ink was PW's contribution to the war effort!


I'm with Democratus and

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I'm with Democratus and taxhound on this one. In particular, rightly or wrongly, I mark down, as it were, anyone who doesn't know how to write and spell correctly.  Incidentally, I believe that business writing should not have the use of apostrophes to facilitate contractions - they are acceptable only to indicate possession.  

Finally, why is it pedantic to want to see something done correctly?

I think it is best summed up ...

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... in  "Eats, Shoots and Leaves":

The day after the apostrophe is abolished, a triumphant abolitionist sits down to write, "Goodbye to the Apostrophe: we're not missing you a bit!" and finds that he can't. Abolish the apostrophe and it will be necessary, before the hour is up, to reinvent it.

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Whats up with you lot?

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Dont you know its closed season on apostrophes from 1st December to 31st January, luckily their breeding season ties in nicely with the Tax Return deadline!

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all that rushing and never stopping..

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it will be full stops next


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