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Phoning HMRC

Isn't it about time we had an "HMRC are c**p" group for rants!

Reason, client paid CT using a previous reference, so his 2012 payment is sitting on the 2010 record.

What should be a 2 minute phone call is so far two 10 minute unanswered calls that eventually ring out and cut-off, so now I am going to have to write!

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100% agree!    1 thanks

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I spent some time on the phone to HMRC yesterday trying to sort out a CIS problem. Client v upset as he had received what he perceived as being a very nasty letter starting with 'We have written to you repeatedly about your overdue payment' - no letters had been received at all!

I had submitted NIL returns for a number of months ontime but HMRC had ignored them and estimated that he had underpaid thousands for those months. After I'd calmed down and gone through everything on the phone with them client actually was due a small refund.

There is of course the 'Working Parties' via your institute but they wont be able to deal with individual matters.

And there is the Agent Account Manager but this route is only possible when all the other channels have failed. see





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We could also..........    1 thanks

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........  have a "Stating the Bleeding Obvious" group!

Sorry OGA, couldn't resist it!! But you could try your Agent Manager or whatever they call themselves now.

OTOH, you could write a stroppy letter and threaten to sue 'em - à la CD style - that would probably be a lot more satisfying. :-) - and produce exactly the same result - yup, you guessed it - NOTHING.

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HMRC don't seem to think    1 thanks

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Many of my clients try to make payment of corporation tax but find that they don't know the complicated reference. Wouldn't it be more sensible to only require the UTR? They make ONE payment a year.

There's no logic in having TWO bank accounts. Clients are worried about making the payment to the wrong bank account.

HMRC don't regularly send out payment slips with the reference number on. I don't get them very often and my clients say they don't get them. I have just realised that if I go online to the HMRC website for my clients they show the reference. I don't know how long they have been showing it there.

I make it very easy for my clients to make payments to me but HMRC don't see it as important -maybe because the money isn't theirs.

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I haven't got time ...

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... to faff around with my AAM for what should be the most basic of queries. Letter is in the post tray, took less time than I was waiting for HMRC to fail to answer the phone.

I do think there should be a agent priority line like for SA that can deal with all agent queries.

I had noticed the reference too Peter, I think it must have appeared last upgrade a few weeks back.

I just need it sorted quick, becasue in the past i have had HMRC repay one years "overpayment" whilst unleashing the hounds to collect the amount due for the other!

HMRC References

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We all have to deal with different references for

Corp Tax

PAYE (two of them)


Personal Tax as well.(and Partnership Tax if applicable.

You will see that bank account for Corp Tax is the same as for Personal tax.  I just dont know why there all these different references.  Surely one per entity/human being is all that is needed.  If HMRC dont have a very up to date Computer system then different bank accounts for each tax.  And if that is too complex just add a letter at the end of the unique reference like the K for Personal Tax.  Perhaps a P for PAYE and C for Corp Tax and a V for VAT.

The CT problem mentioned above is all to common.  I do find it hard to understand why the Computer cant look at other years to see if the tax has been wrongly allocated before churning out the letter.  If we get these letters we send them to Bradford with a polite message to look at other years.


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Client had long period to cessation, so 2 payments due. He made one payment to cover the lot, as he wants to close down the company. So we get the acknowledgements, one with an over payment, one with a liability. so i ring Staffs Area, (now in Glasgow) to ask them to reallocate before someone repays the later liability as has hapened before. Oh I can't do thast you need to ring Cumbernauld. But they never answer, well I can't do it, you need to speak to them. Completley circular conversation.

One entity, one UTR should be all that's needed.

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