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Piano keyboard advice

Being a cultured lot I wonder if you can offer me advice on pianos and keyboards.

Say I wanted to play the piano having played a little as a child on a real piano, but my experience of (cheaper) keyboards left me feeling cold in the past, mostly due to the 'feel' not being right (the keys resistance doesn't feel right to me) and the sound being too electronic.

I would LOVE to have a 'real' piano but, well, I can't sadly.  So I was wondering, how much would I need to pay to get a mock piano in the form of a keyboard that had the correct feel and sound?  Is there perhaps a specific brand or type that is aimed at people like me?


Piano Keyboard

M Winstone | | Permalink

Hi there,

Try the Roland range. We have an EP-880 which feels exactly right. Their design philosophy is to replicate the feel correctly.


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JazzySasha | | Permalink

Try a Clavinova - they have a "graded hammer action" which means that, just like a real piano, the harder you hit the keys the louder it sounds - so would have the "right" feel that you are looking for. They also look very much like a piano.

Because they are digital, they never need tuning (unlike the twice a year costs for a normal piano). 

They are quite pricey new (£1,300 and upwards) but if you don't mind second hand .............

I had never heard of them until I sought the advice of a client (a professional musician) when I was considering buying a piano. Mine is quite a basic model, but it has a built-in metronome and a simple recording device, should I want to play back and critique my own performance!

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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

If I can drop on a local one on eBay for a few hundred pounds (which seems possible) I might have to grab one.

Or Try Korg

tom123 | | Permalink

I have a KORG piano, which looks like the 'real thing' ie it is a piece of furniture - but works with headphones if required.

It is not too heavy either.

Cost new was £900, admittedly 10 years ago,

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Watch your budget creep slowly upwards...!

Darren Falkingham | | Permalink


I had a similar dilemma just over a year ago - I had an old Victorian upright (1874) that had to go... and replace it with a digital piano.

I spent a loooong time trying out pianos (and reading this site: http://www.ukpianos.co.uk/kawai-digital-pianos.html - the site design pains me, but the content is second to none!). I eventually went for a Kawai CN-32, even though it was a good £400 more than I wanted to spend... but it was just so right, and should last me 10 years and then some.

I personally didn't like the feel of Roland or Casio - it was between Yamaha and Kawai for me, and the Kawai's sound tipped the balance.

Good luck with it!

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