I have been directed to this site as a possible solution to my dilema.

I am doing the Project Management in Marketing CIM Diploma and the essay I am writing is on pricing.

I have searched all over the internet to find fees for accountants and whilst I fully appreciate that fee rates are sensitive, I didnt think there would be so little information on the top 20. The most useful thing I have found so far was on this website called fee survey 2008, which holds benchmarking information, however I need something a little more detailed.

If anyone has any opinions on princing in the top 20, or knows how much any top 20 accountants charge for a standard audit for say a company with 25 employees and a turnover of £1.5m, for which the national average is £3,687 (according to the 2008 fee survey) then I would be hugely appreciative.

Thank you for your time.


ps. I can send my exam paper so you know I am genuine and if you would like to email me privately it's

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the simple answer is

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that a compulsory audit is not required because of the size of the turnover, you might want to research what an "audit" actually is.


As far as what would it cost, you will be lucky to see any sensible comparisons because of the variety of businesses and the sales mix, standard of records (other services supplied by the auditing firm is always a good one to look at as well, not that audit would ever be used as a loss leader to get additional non audit work...).


I assume you have tried the mystery shopper approach and actually made enquiries of firms you are looking at to ask them what kind of fees they would be charging. You never know if you ask they may actually give you a from and to figure.

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