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Post Office 'Horizon' accounting software issues

Members of AWEB may have clients who operate, or are employed by, Post Offices and who have suffered from apparently unexplained losses or shortfalls in cash or stock.

In some cases it has been suggested that these unexplained discrepancies might arise as a result of some issues with the Post Office 'Horizon' accounting software.

The Post Office have appointed an outside firm to examine these issues.  The firm is open to receipt of information concerning shortfalls and associated issues UNTIL 28 FEBRUARY 2013.

AWEB members may wish to draw the attention of their clients with a Post Office connection to THIS PAGE OF INFORMATION.

As AWEB members will appreciate, where shortfalls are alleged to have been caused by dishonest misappropriation of cash or stock criminal prosecution may follow.  It may be appropriate in some cases to advise your client to obtain legal advice from a solicitor before passing information to the firm conducting the inquiry into the 'Horizon' system.


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