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Postcode Lookup

Does anyone know of an alternative to the postcode lookup solution from Allies as it seems they no longer support Sage 50 Accounts?


Postcode Lookup

ronnieh | | Permalink

We use a product called Quick Address Rapid with Sage 50 which works fine for us.

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JC | | Permalink

Post codes have a direct relationship to grid references which is how all these RightMove type sites can offer a radius of 5/10 miles etc around a chosen post code

Once wrote a site using post codes/grid refences and from memory at the time there were around 25K postcodes or parts of postcode

This may be of interest -

With this in mind it is not actually too challening to code and it could probably even be done in Excel

Postcode Lookup

jezwalker | | Permalink

Data8 have just released a postcode lookup solutio for Sage Accounts and Sage Instant Accounts:

It also validates email and phone numbers at the point of entry.

Price ....

JC | | Permalink

Ouch !

and it's an annual sub, not a once only fee

Now compare this with Cloud accounting app monthly/annual subs - complete & fairly complex systems, rather than a simple lookup process with a front end api - mmm .....

Example of PostCode Data

Town Zip xCoord yCoord Lat Long
Aberfan CF48 305500 205600 51.7410 -3.3690




simon_w | | Permalink

I had a look at their solution and I thought I was priced very reasonably, each lookup only costing a matter of pence and I like that I can have a free trial of it for 30 days as well.

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