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Printing footer information in VT Transaction+

Can anyone tell me how to get VT Transaction+ to print the footer information which includes the time and date? 

So, if you display a report, such as a P&L account, and click on Print preview and then Styles, a dialogue box opens which lists three styles: footer, header and normal.  After clicking on footer the contents of the box underneath implies that selecting this style will print a footer with the date, time, app name, Page number and something called FooterLine.  It would be really useful when working on draft accounts to be able to identify the time and date each iteration is printed, which is easy to do in Excel.  However, the only footer information that actually prints in VT Transaction+ is the page number. 

I may be missing something obvious but I have tried various options to no avail.  Can anyone give me the solution?  It must be possible or why would these styles exist?  Many thanks.


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Victoria Frazer | | Permalink

Display your report then click on the Print icon, on the dialog that comes up there is an option to Change page set up or layout, click on this and then click on the Design button. On the screen that now comes up you can see the date and time options appear at the bottom. If you click on each in turn you will see that there is an option on the left of the screen to Hide the selected unit, if this is unticked it will show on your print out.

Victoria Frazer

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Thank you

dlapish | | Permalink

Thanks for that quick reply, really helpful.  I had looked everywhere for a solution and would not have been able to work that out by myself.  Does VT remember these settings or do I need to untick the boxes every time I print?

 Perhaps a page on print options could be included in the manual and help pages? 

VT Transaction+ will remember

Victoria Frazer | | Permalink

VT Transaction+ will remember the settings for that particular report but you will also need to reset it for other reports.

Victoria Frazer

VT Software

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