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Problems installing Sage 2011

I installed Sage Instant 2011 and then uninstalled it.  I subsequently bought Sage 2011 and tried to install it, but it seems to install as Sage Instant 2011 and the program doesn't work properly.  I have double checked that Sage Instant 2011 is not still present - it isn't; I've tried searching for any and all obscure Sage Instant files and can't find any; I've tried Custom Install and called it Sage 2011 (it still appears as Sage Instant).

Any suggestions, pointers, ideas would be MOST welcome.

Many thanks in advance:

A very frustrated




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Sage Accounts, regardless of the variant (Instant/50), is the same software on every disk.

It is the Serial Number and Activation Code that unlocks those parts of the program that you have purchased

Open the program and go to Tools menu then Activation - upgrade program

Enter your Sage 50 2011 details and you will then have unlocked the version you have purchased

The reason it still comes up as Instant on a new install is because files were left behind in the windows registry, but doing the above will fix your problem.

You did not actually have to uninstall Instant at all - just upgrade program as above would have unlocked it to become Sage 50

Re Problems installing Sage 2011 - Solved

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A perfect response that worked perfectly.  Once again Witch Queen comes to the rescue.

Long may she reign!

Many thanks



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Re Solved

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You are very welcome Chloe, happy to help


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