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The promised LLP template

As November approaches I'm getting a little twitchy about the release of the long-promised LLP template; I have a good few clients who have 31 December filing deadlines so am REALLY hoping it doesn't get put back again!

Has anyone heard any more from VT? Is all on track?


I was wondering about that

ianlea | | Permalink

Good question. I am in a similar position. Any news anyone?

It is almost ready

vtsoftware | | Permalink

It will be available within the next week or two. We are just giving it a good once over.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

That's good news

ianlea | | Permalink

Thank you for the quick reply, Philip.  That's good news.

Great news!

Connie1 | | Permalink

You're a star Philip; looking forward to it.

Will you let us know when it's ready in some way?

Thanks very much!

Steve Holloway's picture

Good news indeed ...

Steve Holloway | | Permalink

I only have two but they have been cobbled together from something that was cobbled together a long time ago ... sellotape won't hold much longer!

It is now published

vtsoftware | | Permalink

The November 2011 edition of VT Accounts, containing templates for a small LLP, has now been published and can be downloaded from

The New dialog in VT Transaction+ now also includes a chart of accounts for an LLP.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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