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Propert development - accounting rules

Hi all,

Can anyone help me? I need some general information how to do the books for property development (they buy a house, refurbish it and then sell it). I know how to do the accounts for the long-term construction contracts, but I don't know how to account for buying, improving and selling a property. It is not build from the scratch.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Why here?

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You are posting in the wrong place.

This group is "A discussion forum to share how accountants are marketing effectively."

I'm surprised how you got here when "Any Answers" is much more visible and more obvious.

Where is the best place to

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Where is the best place to post it to?

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Didn't you see the clue?

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Any Answers

I think I am blind. I can see

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I think I am blind. I can see it now.

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No problem

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If you want to cover yourself in glory TaxCafe and Tottel have some good books on property.

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