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"Purchase Payment" in bank rec - can it be changed?

Good morning all - here is a problem I've been meaning to tackle for years!

When reconciling the bank, the details "purchase payment" drives me mad - I often have many payments all for the same amount and paid on the same day and don't know which supplier is which when reconciling unless I note the audit trail number and check it that way.  Is there any way to change this description so it states the creditor's name?  Have tried to find a solution to no avail.  I am using Sage 50 Accounts 2010.


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I don't believe the wording can be changed, but as usual in Sage, there is another way.

If you are using version 2010 or later you can add columns to the bank rec window.

Right click on one of the column titles and click on Account to select it.

You now have a new column showing the Suppliers account

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The text 'Purchase Payment' is assinged automatically and you can't stop this from happening.  However, if you go to Error Corrections, it can be edited there although you'd have to do it for each transactions individually...


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Thank you Witch-Queen

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I was hoping you were around today Witch-Queen as I thought if anyone might have the answer it would be you!  Job done; thanks goodness for AWeb




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Re Bank Rec

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You're very welcome Jane, I aim to please

Hope that answer fixed your problem and that you are now a happy Sage user again.



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