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QB 2005 - anyone?

I have just been approached by a contact who is looking for an additional licence for Quickbooks 2005 (any version).  He runs QB 2005 on a number of machines in his office and so does not want the expense of upgrading all of them to a current version, just for the sake of one extra copy. 

Does anyone here have (or know anyone who has) a licence for QB2005 that they no longer use and would be willing  to transfer (for a price)?


i might

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message me - the problem might be with upgrading the program tho from ome releasse to another

quickbooks 2005

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Sorry to say I don't have a spare licence, but like your contact I have QB2005 on a number of machines in the office for internal use and for bookkeeping clients who don't have their own, and would just like to say that I think it was a very good version of QB, the best since version 8 (yes version 8, not 2008). I look forward to trying the latest version in the hope that it will be as good.



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QuickBooks 2005

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Such a robust and reliable piece of software.  I've had to upgrade to 2010 Pro with a new PC, and its a right pain in the a*se with a bug regarding allocating payments to bills in supplier accounts that I have just posted about.


Anyhow, I have a couple of spares here - the program CD's etc., but legally, are you sure they can be sold on?  I was told once (having sold some other software) that in the small print of the licence agreement this is forbidden?



From a legal point of view that is fine. 

Basically the “selling company” has to make sure the remove the software from their computer(s) and both parties need to agree in writing that the sale is taking place.  Then the new company calls us and sends us the letter (signed by both parties) that references the license number and product being sold, and we can transfer the license in our system.

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