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QB 2012 - Pricing

I was somewhat taken aback by the price rise demanded for the new version (nearly double)

I managed to get it reduced, but I'm still not happy, but need the continuity.

When QB 2010 arrived, although the upgrade was easy, things like adjusting VAT rounding or part non-vatable invoices became a pain. Entering regular bills charged to a number of accounts (like my expenses and the monthly credit card bill) have also become more tedious than they used to be. So I may well be looking elsewhere in future.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Bite the Bullet

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Start moving your clients to a modern accounting programme. There are plenty out there. I no longer put new clients on QB, and have started moving current ones off it.

Am I missing something?

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The price quoted on the Intuit website for QB2012 Pro is exactly the same as I'm paying for QB2010 Pro, namely £21p.m. plus VAT.

Alison from Intuit here -

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I am a bit puzzled too -  I do know that you can sometimes find our software a bit cheaper on Amazon, but that is because we cannot tell Amazon what to charge once they buy it in bulk from us. 

We would need to know where you bought your 2010 sofware, and then what (if any) additional services you may have added since you bought it?

Please feel free to call in and speak with Nathan at 01628 590 851

He will be HAPPY to take you through it, and help suggest a package that might be a bit less for you.  We have lots of options for you to choose from.

Hope this helps?

Alison Ball

Head of Accountant Programmes

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Many thanks for these

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Just to clarify

Chatman - it's for my own business - no clients involved, been using QB for years, relatively smoothly.

CMG - I have QB payroll as well, which you will see on the website, bumps the price up to £41 per month + VAT

Alison - I buy direct from Intuit, and, as I mentioned in my original post, your man on the sales desk was kind enough to give me a discount, but it still represents a 40% uplift on what I was paying before, which, although the price has been held for a few years now, still feels painful.

Why buy the new version of QB?

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Nigel Hughes wrote:
Chatman - it's for my own business - no clients involved, been using QB for years, relatively smoothly.

So why are you buying the new version then Nigel?

QuickBooks 2012

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Hi everyone,

I read the postings above, and want to encourage you all to take a good look at QuickBooks 2012.  it is packed full of time saving features, and enhancements to help you understand your business better overall. 

One of my favorite new features is the Calendar View - this organizes your key dates for money in and money out types of transactions, and helps you understand quickly what is due when. 

The new Customer Snapshot helps you understand which customers are your most profitable, and the Collections Centre shows you exactly who owes you money and even lets you send out reminder emails at the click of a mouse.

Batch invoicing will be helpful for any business who sends out the same invoice to numerous customers.  (ie: a Gym, daycare, landscaper, etc - anyone who typically invoices all or most of their clients the same amount, each month.)  The old way was to create the invoices, one by one, per customer, each month.  if you had 100 clients, you had to create 100 invoices.  With Batch Invoicing, you create the invoice once, then choose which customers get that invoice.  This can dramatically speed up your invoicing, which means that money can come in quicker to your business.

In addition, the new Excel Integration is amazing.  Export a report to excel, make your changes, and then save it,  Next time you want to run the report, you simply choose "update existing report" and click to refresh the excel data.  You don't have to reformat the report in Excel!

And these are just some of the new features.  I really encourage you to try it out - we have a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can't go wrong.



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It's effectively a subscription service these days

Nigel Hughes | | Permalink

The days of £100 off the shelf in PC world (as when I bought my first copy) are long gone! Especially if you want payroll, which, I have to say, has always been easy to operate. The pricing used to be very similar to Sage and various others and if you stick with a brand you may reduce the risk of cocking up the transfer of data. However this price rise has certainly got me thinking about changing brands.

Importing to QB

chatman | | Permalink

alisonatintuit wrote:
the new Excel Integration is amazing

Is it any easier to import transactions than it has been?

Time-back Guarantee?

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alisonatintuit wrote:
we have a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can't go wrong.

You can't go wrong if you spend absolutely no time on it. Otherwise you can

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The trouble is.....

Nigel Hughes | | Permalink

I want to keep running my little business in the way I always have. The features you mention don't really ring my bell. The inflexibility on minor adjustments to VAT which used to be one of QB's strengths in comparison with the equivalent sage package and the irritating and unnecessary warning messages when I want to process my monthly expense claim have been putting my brand loyalty under some strain since their introduction with QB 2010. The price hike felt like the last straw and it would have been if your sales person hadn't cut a deal.

QB12 pricing

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I have just received notification of a whopping 78% price rise (£28 up to £49) in my monthly subscription for QB10 + payroll. In your post I think you are trying to justify the increase by detailing the features, but I think that for most small businesses these are of little value (eg batch invoicing).  I have therefore investigated the cost of Sage for which I can get the same functionality for £23/month. Unless I get a sensible answer for customer services tomorrow I will be switching along with many of your other customers.  


New Features

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AndyC wrote:
I think you are trying to justify the increase by detailing the features

Not only that, people are more interested in fixing the things that don't work than  getting  new  features.

Clarification on the above....

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Hello everyone,

I have read these strings and am concerned that there is a mis-perception about what just happened for some customers, regarding pricing and I wanted to try and clarify?

Here is what happened.... periodically we run price promotions for customers upgrading or for new customers.  Where the promotion is for the monthly subscription, the discount is for a defined period of time (e.g. 12 months), after which the subscription should revert to the undiscounted price.  We have historic cases where the price did not adjust at the end of the promotional period, and as such these customers have enjoyed discounted prices for substantially longer periods than advertised.

It is important to note that this is not an across the board price increase, rather we were simply bringing any affected customers up to the rate they should have been on.  However, we encourage customers to call us so that we can make sure that they are on the right subscription level for their current needs, because there may be a better price and feature package for them which will save money overall.

Personally, I would be very sad to see you take your clients off QuickBooks and put them on another product.  QuickBooks is the number one selling small business software in the UK because small business clients love to use it - they find it much more intuitive than other similarly-priced packages. 

Also - we have been investing heavily in features that Accountants need in order to support clients on QuickBooks.  As example - the Client Data Review feature in QuickBooks 2012 is just outstanding... you can literally find and fix any client data entry errors in just a few mouse clicks.

And before you say I am just blabbing about new features, please know that Intuit adds features when 2 things happen - 1) when users request them and 2) when we KNOW we can save you time overall in your workflow.  Because as one person pointed out above, TIME is your biggest asset and we know that.

I hope this is helpful context overall?

Also - please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have unresolved issues.  Our team will work hard to make things right for you.

"similarly-priced packages"

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alisonatintuit wrote:
small business clients ... find it much more intuitive than other similarly-priced packages

Are there many that cost as much as QuickBooks? In any case, why only compare it to the other expensive packages?  How intuitive is data import in QB compared to, for example, VT (or anything in fact)? Not very. And how intuitive is the regular forced upgrade scenario?

New Features

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alisonatintuit wrote:
And before you say I am just blabbing about new features, please know that Intuit adds features when 2 things happen - 1) when users request them and 2) when we KNOW we can save you time overall in your workflow. 

So has no-one ever requested easy data import, the correction of the UK/US date issue or compatibility between versions? Or are these things not as marketable/profitable as "new features".

I moved to Sage 50    1 thanks

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I used QB for about 7 years. I hated the upgrade costs and at times was unimpressed with support, but I really didn't use it that much because the product was intuitive. I moved over to Sage because as I grew I needed to purchase industry specific software and importing to QB was a nightmare.


The import routines work well in Sage but almost everything else is a nightmare. I so long for the simplicity of QB. At year end in sage you have to close to continue regular processing in the new year, but then posting back is a nightmare. Just getting hold of a copy of the year end accounts after you have moved on is a challenge. Support is excellent for Sage but then it needs to be, since you need it regularly. I loathe switching it on its so painfull. You cant even drill down into most screens to see the source transaction. Yes I will admit I have never been for formal training on Sage, but I never went for QB either.

I so wish QB had sorted out the importing routine to match sage, I would love to speak to my old friends on the QB support desk who didn't know Accounts Receivable was a balance sheet account (great days) and the regular upgrade charges I can now see were cheap at the price.


Look at other software but choose very carefully the grass ain't greener over here no more.

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