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Question... Sage 50 and Dynamics CRM


I am using Sage 50 Accountancy Software, but Microsoft's Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Software. Going back and forth between the two to track budgets and orders is becoming a bit of a pain - is there any way that I can some how connect the two systems, if so, what is the best way?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,




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A quick search of Sage's Additions catalog turned up this add-on which links to Dynamics:

If that doesn't do what you want then you'd need to look at getting a Sage Developer to write a link between the 2 systems for you.  Alternatively, Sage can import data from CSV files but this is very limited.



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Hi Nick

The integration needs to go into and out of CRM e.g.


  • products
  • price lits
  • customer status e.g. on hold, ...
  • invoice status e.g. paid, outstanding
  • .......


  • orders \ invoices
  • discounts
  • shipping details
  • .....

One problem is that Sage has no database so synchronising with DCRM which is SQL based needs managing. The Sage CSV imports also don't cover all the transactions types needed so are of limited use.

We have done this type of integration to Sage from various systems using our Excel2Sage and SQL2Sage products ( ) so please let me know if you need any help \ advice.




Thank you.

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Thank you guys! I will have a look into this and keep searching round the market.

Straight Connection..

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Hi Nick,

There are many ways to connect two systems together. 

One way is to use a generic integration tool such as Scribe to manually build the integration as you need.

Or you can look on Microsoft Pinpoint to see if anyone has created a specific integration tool.

I know QGate have built a straight integration and are running a webinar next week for it.


Good Luck! I hope you find a connection that suits you!




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We have a connector between Microsoft CRM and Sage 50 allowing you to move sales orders and invoices between the two systems without re-typing.

Please take a look at

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