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Question /survey about Intrastat report

I do the accounts & export/imports for a manufacturing company that exports finished goods around the EU and the world.

We use Sage 50 Accounts 2010 version which has an option in the Sales Order module to create Intrastat reports. Most of our orders are invoiced directly through the invoicing module so it means my intrastat reports are always incomplete if I rely on the info from the sales order module.

Does anyone run their intrastat report from the Sales Order module? Personally, I don't understand that since they are, after all, only orders whereas an invoice posted to the Sales Ledger represents the real sales figures. I cannot be the only user (we cannot be the only company!) that doesn't use the Sales Order module so I just wonder how do other Sage users generate that report? But I must be seriously missing something as I am sure a long standing company like Sage would not have it wrong so there must be another practical explanation.

Can anyone advise me on how they do it or a practical solution that I can adopt?




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