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QuickBooks Data Import into VT

Is it possible?

If yes, than what is the process.


VT Final Accounts or VTT+?

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VT Final Accounts or VTT+? The answer is yes to both, but the procedures obviously vary.

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oo, interesting

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I have just one client on quickbooks which doesn't merit buying the software.  It would be very interetsing to see how to do this.

I'd be most interested in the import to VTT+ as it then flows through to final accounts anyway.

QB Export to VTT+    1 thanks

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Export your QB TB to Excel. Put it into the format described by VT in the instructions and copy it all to the clipboard. Then open VT, select <Transaction><Journal><Import> and follow the instructions (this is also where you can see the format required for the TB).

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Thanks chatman

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I'd got the wrong end of the stick and was naively hoping that it might be able to import actual transactions, i.e. the nominal activity for the year, which was why I was getting excited (sad sad life I lead!).

Thanks for taking the time anyway.


You can do that too.

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Just export the transactions from QB and import them to VTT+ the same way you would a TB.

The only thing at the moment is you cannot import into the date field, but VT are currently working on that. They said it shouldn't take long, but I have no idea how long that means.

I add the dates to the description field at the moment, but I am looking  forward to being able  to import dates too.

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Thanks again, I will try that out.


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Can someone at VT please provide an update on the ability to import the date field in TB and/or Transaction import?  It would be really helpful.

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