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looking into possible cloud solutions for a client who is dropping his ancient QuickBooks. He is a tight-wad, hence searched free online accounting & came to QuickFile.  This may be a bit more limited than Xero etc, but the monthly cost is £nil.  I have asked them what their income stream is; want to know how they can maintain & function without a monthly subsc. 

Has anyone any experience?

Not expecting perfection from QuickFile but the client is essentially just a one-man band charging day-rates so it looks more than adequate.


Does it have to be cloud?

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Does it have to be cloud? If not, have you considered VT Cashbook? You could even use it in combination with Dropbox so that you both have access to the same file.

If it does have to be cloud, then please accept my apologies.

Never heard of QuickFile I'm afraid.

more info

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So how does Quick File pay for maintaining this free service? The actual cost for providing this service to each new signup is actually quite low. However, along with providing software, Quick File are also able to offer a range of bookkeeping, receipt digitisation and year end services. Some users may require our services from time to time and this is how we pay for all the other free stuff. If you want to use Quick File as a free bookkeeping platform and then hand off the data to your long trusted accountant at the year-end, then this is absolutely fine!






I've signed up to have a look around



HMRC are doing something too

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I received a doc from HMRC today wanting some programmers to come up with a FREE app on a smartphone.

"In enabling customers to meet their record keeping responsibilities we need to harness new technology to meet the 2011/12 HMRC remit from the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury - 'digital is the default position'.

To meet this aim HMRC's intent is to encourage a catalogue of smart phone apps aimed at a target population of small and medium sized enterprises, business start ups, and those who submit 3 line accounts (3LA) to help with their record keeping.

HMRC are looking for free to customer apps, free for a period apps, with the possibility of some, at a small charge, that offer additional features.

I was about to put the PDF up on my site but got hit by below.

The information in this e-mail and any attachments is confidential


They want responses by 24th Feb, but I'm not allowed to give you the details!!!

Could not make it up if I tried.

Now I'm I right in saying that a smartphone is not tax allowable because HMRC consider it to be a computer.


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Chatman - VT

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Yes, very familiar with VT - think it is a great program but some clients out there really need a live package that they can access from Web browser - for more & more of them having anything other than a web browser on the machine they happen to be using at any particular time is seeming antiquated.  VT on DropBox would be good for some, I agree. 

have some, but limited, experience of using DropBox - am I right in saying that a program dataset, like VT or QuckBooks van only be accessed by one at a time?


(Sorry for slow response; I assumed that posting a query would mean that I was e-mailed when someone added a comment)

Dropbox    1 thanks

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@Malcolm - Later versions of QuickBooks cannot be accessed from Dropbox; it tells you the file is being used by another user. I understand this is because Intuit want to sell their own remote access product. You can do it with QB2004 though.

VT files can, but you are correct, you have to make sure one of you doesn't have the file open whilst the other is working on it or Dropbox will create a second version of the file (which it calls a "conflicted copy") containing the changes made by the second person to open the file.

There is http://notifybox.com/ that takes care of this by "checking out" the file each time, but I have never really tested it.

VT usage with Mac

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Have had VT recommended to me by my accountant but can't seem to get it to work with Mac - any solutions ? Thanks

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