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Read only access to Online Services

Is it possible to arrange read only access to Online Services? It seems an obvious benefit for some staff to be able to access, say, a client's SA record, to be able to advise the clilent of their current position, without being able to file anything. How do others manage this?

The HMRC website talks about "Assistants" but they would seem to have full Write access.

Any thoughts?



Read only access to Online Services

Ken Clegg | | Permalink

Personally, I cant see why anyone would want to do this

We had a case just after

rkpgreen | | Permalink

We had a case just after Online access became available where a new inexperienced member of the payroll staff pressed "delete" against some clients because other staff members looked after them, and she wanted them off her list.  Unfortunately we had to have the clients sign new 64-8 mandates to get them back onto the firm's list !

I looked into this at the time but I could not see any way to give read-only access.


cbp99 | | Permalink

The reason as I see it is that it is not a good use of the time of senior staff (those who you would wish to have filing capability) to have to log in in order to find a client's payment record (for example).


@ Ken

Jimlad | | Permalink

Technically I suppose you only needed one example, which I see has already been provided by OP, but here is another:

When Child/Working Tax Credits were introduced, there was provided a full supporting online service.  Pretty rapidly the Tax Credit system came under concerted fraudulent attacks by organised criminals, resulting in a haemorrhaging of funds to fraudulent claimants, and I mean in SPADES.

The response of HMRC to this was to wipe out all online services in relation to Tax Credits.

That was overkill, and a massive inconvenience to honest claimants and their agents, greatly exacerbated by the fact that the tax credit office would not (and to date still do not) copy authroised agents in on correspondence sent to claimants.  Accelerated deadlines in the benefits system compared with the direct tax system, coupled with an horrendously complex legislative structure, result in huge numbers of errors in awards, both underclaimed and overclaimed, because most tax credit claimants NEED agent assistance.

Had the tax credit office retained a "read only" service available to agents (and claimants, but I am looking at it from agents' perspective) a great many problems that have passed through my hands would have been avoided, and I have difficulty believing that my experiences are close to unique.  Such a service would not have been exposed to fraudulent activity.

I sincerely hope that when Universal Credit is introduced we will be permitted at least a read only service to monitor the state of claims, and that such a service will be available to agents.

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