Recommendation for someone to write me a pretty straightforward VBA form using spin buttons

I'm wanting an Excel form where I can import a Profit and Loss accounts and have a % spin button next to each income and expense source.

If such a thing already exists, please can someone tell me where?

If it doesn't exist, does anyone know anyone who could write it for me (at a reasonable cost hopefully!)?




Hi David

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Hi David

This is something we can do for you. We specialise in presenting financial information from Sage Accounts in a more useful manner. (OptegraMRP does this automatically from Sage data in less than 30 seconds).

If not from Sage ,then I am pretty sure we can builld something for you pretty quickly.

Call me if you would like me to take a look 0207 55 88 196




Thank you

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Thank you. I'll be in touch.

Problem solved, and very satisfactorily.

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Just thought I'd post that Jeremy at Optegra has been super helpful, written the spreadsheet exactly as I wanted, and at very reasonable cost also!

Bespoke spreadsheet solutions are the way to go!



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