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Recurring Bank Entries

Never had a problem with these before, but using 2012 today it kept not rolling forward random transactions.

I am writing up 2 quarters in one go and to avoid terminal boredom and because some recurring ones skip etc I do month at a time, and for instance if I run July, that is fine, but when I come to do August it is trying to re-run just a couple of July ones!

I have noticed that you can now amend the due date (this may have been there before but I had been using predominantly v11 prior to taking a decision to move everything onto the current version for all clients). Not sure if this is causing the apparent glitch.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this?

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Also ...

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... if as often happens, a DD date varies and is paid say 01/10 instead of 30/09, and you amend the date in the recurring postings screen, then system will advance the next payment on to November and skip the 30/10 instalment!

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