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Reports not running after upgrade to v18

I have recently upgraded from v14 to v18, and have come to run our monthly sales reports for the first time since upgrade. I always run the reports in preview so that I can export to excel for analysis.

When attempting to run a detailed sales report, I get the error message that the report could not be loaded. This is happening with all sales reports. I've checked that the report files are present in the company directory, and have the correct .report suffix for v18 (according to the report designer help file).

The only difference (other than the upgrade) is that I am accessing Sage remotely via LogMeIn. This was never an issue with v14, as I've been running reports remotely for the last year with no problems other than the program running very slowly. 

I'm off to try writing fresh reports to see if that works, but in the meantime, does anyone have any other ideas?



I had a similar problem

ktspncr | | Permalink

I had a similar problem after being forced to upgrade to v17 -  I couldn't preview the P&L. 

Sage were unable to solve the problem. The good news is the problem went away after I rolled over to the new financial year. No idea why.

I then had a year or so of trouble free report generating, before I added a new nominal code to the chart of accounts. For some reason this was enough to prevent the P&L previewing again.

I restored an old backup and reinstalled a clean version of Sage, which wiped the new nominal code out of existence - but the problem persisted. So I think there must be a problem with my copy of Sage as shipped. 

In the meantime, I found that I can still preview the P&L by another method. I can't remember the exact route I took to get it, but I'll check when I get back to work and let you know. Rather than using the big P&L button in the Financials screen , it was something like Company / Financials / (click an option in the lower left hand pane)

Hopefully there is a similar route for your sales report. Good luck and I hope your year end isn't too far away.



johndon68 | | Permalink

Is the problem just with sales reports or all reports?  

When you run the report do you get 'No data found for this report' or a message that the report does not exist?

Do you get the same problem with the Demodata or Practice Data?



Alternative route

ktspncr | | Permalink

I accessed the preview via Company / Financial Reports (left hand pane) / Profit & loss reports /

The equivalent for you would be Customers / Reports (left hand pane not big top button) / whichever report you want. 

I know it seems like you are just accessing the same reports as you get if you press the big Reports button at the top; but it works for me! Hope it helps.


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