Response to the IEA report, 'Sock Puppets: How the Government lobbies itself and why'


Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of the Charity Finance Group, said in response to the Institute of Economic Affairs report 'Sock Puppets', published today:

“The ‘Sock Puppets’ report, released today by the IEA, shows a complete lack understanding of civil society and the  importance of campaigning and advocacy within the democratic and policy making process, or its importance for a strong and independent sector.

Yes, there has been an increase of state funding within the sector as charities deliver more public services.  This is not unique to us. There has been a trend towards non-state delivery of public services under successive governments, including outsourcing to the private sector. Charities receiving public money are independent and not for profit, and have responsibility to their cause and beneficiaries; who ultimately funds the service - be it public, voluntary or trust funded - is largely irrelevant as long as they are delivering their social aim.  

It is a shame that there is an absence of thought-provoking debate about the role charities could play in public service delivery to get under the skin of the more difficult social problems."  

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