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Restore Corruption issue

Hi all

Im new to the group so first can I just say hi to everyone

I work for a small construction company and have been using sage 50 for a few of years, I was never trained in it but was shown the basics from my supervisor before she left to work for another company, thankfully I have never had to many problems with it well until now!!

I have been working at our other branch for the past few months setting up another business for the organisation and left our accounts in the hands of our admin assistant, she has used sage for sometime also and we throught that she would be fine working on it unsupervised however we have a small problem - We carry out a data backup on a regular weekly basis which works fine however Sharon had decided to do some work from home and took a data backup of our sage accounts and restored it on her laptop, carried out the work at home with the idea of backing it up and restoring it at work the next day. However when she carried out the backup she changed the backup setting to include all file types including data, company archives and reports etc The next day she restore this onto our pc in the office and ever since when we run check data we get the message "You must restore backup data" and we have a large number of error messages appearing. The problem is we have not keep a full back up before now, all we ever did was a data backup (I know this was really really stupid looking back now) is there anything we can do now? We had recently exported to excel the full list of all the transaction that was in the correction section of the maintenace part just before this happened (not sure if this will help or not)


Can anyone advise how best to get back on track, can it even be done?

a very frustrated Louise 


Data Corruption

johndon68 | | Permalink

Your data is corrupt and the 'must restore backup' message is as bad as it gets...

You have 3 choices:

1. Restore a 'clean' backup that has no errors - the data backup you have would be sufficient for this as the errors relate to data, not reports or layouts etc. so there are certainly no worries there.  After restoring the backup you would, of course, need to reenter any data entered since that backup was taken

2. Send the data to Sage to fix - this can take 4-5 days or they offer an overnight service that costs up to £800+VAT

3. I offer a 'no fix, no fee' data fixing service that is both cheaper and quicker than Sage.





Which Sage version?

AKing | | Permalink

Hi Louise

Welcome and good move to post on here - it's a very useful and friendly site.

It might be helpful to all to know which version of Sage you're on - this can make a difference to any questions you ask in future (not necessarily this one though).


Thank you both for your posts

louise77 | | Permalink

Thank you both for your posts - I have taken a back up of my recent transaction and restored back to before we where having problems all seems to b ok (so far!)

The version I am using is Sage 50 accounts professional 2010

Look forward to posting again in the future and I will certainly keep you in mind John if we have any further problem


Thanks again guys

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