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Reviewer needed: Market Sense and Nonsense

Well-known US finance author and industry expert in hedge funds Jack D. Schwager's latest book Market Sense and Nonsense is tailored toward understanding the markets for investors. 

"Many revered investment theories and market models are flatly wrong," the author claims, taking a look at investor errors and common mistakes. 

The book, which is essentially Schwager commetnary challenges common perception of the markets.

It deals with money management misconceptions, pervasive market percepts and irrational investor behaviours. 

It's received much acclaim from various investors and financiers, if the back of the book is anything to go by, including being a "must-read" for investors, according to Joel Greenblatt. 

If this sounds right up your street, let us know and we will send you a copy to review and keep. 

There is only one copy, however, so you need to get in quick! 

All you have to do is read the book and within two to three weeks provide a high-quality 250 - 300 word review, which will then be published on the website. 



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I would be happy to review this if available. 



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We've found a reviewer for

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We've found a reviewer for this book. Thanks to those who showed an interest!

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