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Reviewer required: Never Say Sorry

While not an accountancy related book, this novel was written by accountant Rose Edmunds, who closed the door on her 22-year tax accountancy career to become a novelist. 

Never Say Sorry is a crime thriller surrounding journalist Claudia, who gets a tip-off that a pharma-giant has a natural cure for cancer.

Her source is involved in a hit-and-run and his proof disappears.

Corporate financier Hugo Fleming, who stands to make a lot of money and a promotion over the pharma-giant's takeover of a bio-software company crosses paths with the journalist, and a wild thriller of an adventure ensues. 

If you want to read the former accountant's debut novel, you're in luck

All you have to do is agree to review the book in a 200 - 250 word summary, including main points and themes and what kind of audience you think it's aimed at within two to three weeks. 

We only have one copy, so if you want to review it, then comment below as quick as you can. 




John Grishamism

ROB BROWN 43 | | Permalink

I'd be interested to review and appraise. As I am sure would be my wife who is a massive crime thriller fan and very observant on the intacacies of the reaction of the legal system to potential moral thunderbolts. i.e. J. Grisham.

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That sounds great. 

Rachael_Power | | Permalink

That sounds great. 

If you are interested, please PM me with your name and address. 


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We still don't have a

Rachael_Power | | Permalink

We still don't have a reviewer for this book. 

If anyone wants to read it, please PM me! 


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