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Right of access

So to get my bins out I have to walk along the back of our neighbour's house.  This is fine as we have access to use that bit of the pavement, to ban us would be unreasonable.

However, the neighbours seem to have some sort of list of things we can and can't use the path for, given they have told us not to push a motorcycle along it and not to linger on it unduly.  Being the sort of person I am (i.e. a devious little so and so) my response to this has been to wonder, what are the exact rules as to what access means?  Could I, purely for example, herd geese along the path?  Or could I bring cows in from their field, along the path and into my living room, (whereupon my other half would file for divorce I admit, and the farmer who owned the cows would not be best pleased I suspect...).

Is there a generic rule as to the right of access, or do I need to read my house deeds in minute detail to find it?

Also, suggestions as to what I can do on the path legally would be appreciated.


assuming we are not talking

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assuming we are not talking about a local authoriry maintained pavement in which case use is determined by statute.I assume it is a private right of way which if not included in licence agreement or covenant could be a source of disagreement.You are right to question the arrangement.The firsr call should be to the solicitor who conveyed the property to you.

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