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Rude cafe

A lady was rude to me at a cafe today.  I might go back tomorrow, order a cold sandwich to take out, then sit down and call the HMRC VAT team and wait for them to come bust the door down.


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Oh! Good use of professional knowledge

Democratus | | Permalink

Can i use this as CPD?

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Democratus wrote:

Can i use this as CPD?


I think I have turned to the Dark Side personally, my knowledge of tax should only be used for good!  Yoda would be annoyed.

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Presume I that a Jedi on the last census you were.

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Hopefully Dave Hartnett will not emerge as your father!

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If you were really on the dark side ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... you would call environmental health and say you saw a rat!

This is preferred so you don't get charged with mis-representation (in case their CTV has sound)!

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Even better ...

Steve Holloway | | Permalink

torch the place and post it on Youtube. These people need to learn not to mess with the AWEB crew!

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What we all want to know is what the lovely lady said that was so rude.  Did she liken you to an excretory orifice?

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Or .....

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... threaten you with some sage and onion .... because she thought you were confused cos your really a chicken and not a duck?

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