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Sage 2009 crashing

I have recently set up a letter in Sage 50 Accounts 2009 to assist with credit control, however, when I select which customers I want to send the letter to and try and output to email Sage crashes every time unless I just select one customer and then it works fine.


There are over 200 customers I would like to send this letter to so I don't really want to do them individually, anyone know why this is happening?



johndon68 | | Permalink

Does it actually crash (i.e. you get an error message or the program shuts down) or does is just appear to hang?

I assume if you run Check Data, do you get any errors?


Hi John

Grant Thomas | | Permalink

Hi John

It just appears to hang.  I've gone through and done each customer individually but even when I select two new customers with very few transactions it is always the same.

Its strange because selecting all customers for statements and doing them all at the same time it works fine.

I data check every time I backup which is at least once a week and do not get any errors.


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