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Sage 2012 ODBC

I am having problems with the Sage 2012 ODBC driver.  I have some queries which worked with the previous versions which now hangs.  Are tehere any known issues with this version of the ODBC driver?




Sage 2012 ODBC

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There are bugs in the ODBC driver for v2012 and there is a specific update here:

Some of the issues are listed here:

Issue and How to Resolve:

1) Problem with returning data in MS Access if the data is on a network (This problem only affects MS Access, any other interfaces into the ODBC driver are not affected.)
The symptoms would be when you first query would return all data, second attempt at the same query would return partial or none of the data. Some rows may be populated with “Deleted”.

• Click Start
• Run
• Regedit and enter
• Add String Value
o Name = ThresholdToFileCopyTime
o Value Data = 1000000

2) Category name variable displays incorrect category name after installing update 3.
3) The INVOICE.COURIER_NAME variable displays incorrectly after installing update 3.
4) Unable to link ODBC to the Access database to update tables update 3.
The problems would occur when you run reports that are dealing with “Category” and the “Invoice.Courier_Name” field. “Column Not found” or when trying to access tables via MS Access


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ODBC and Sage

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It was so nice to see an answer to the problem. I hit that bug and gave up. Now I type the numbers in instead of linking and found it didn't actually take very long to type, and it made me look closer at the results!! But I'm getting old and crotchety and so fed up of constantly reworking stuff to make it work again. So just ignore me!!!

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Suggest you test the ODBC setup and do some basic tests

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Hi Jason

I have used ODBC successsfully and it works OK. I woudl suggest you check the directory path onthe ODBC entry and then perhaps do a couple of single table queries first before looking at the existing query. Once thsi is all OK, you may want to use MS QUERY to see if it retrieves the data based on the existing query.

Hope that helps.


Thanks to you all.  I am glad

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Thanks to you all.  I am glad there is a known problem - it was doing my head in.



@Jon,    1 thanks

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Thanks so much - it was the registry edit that sorted it out.



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