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Sage 2012 running customer statements

We are finding that it is taking the new Sage (v18 2012)is taking an inordinate amount of time to produce customer statements if more than one customer is selected at a time. 

Has anyone else had this problem?

Is there a work-around, or anything else we can do to speed things up?









johndon68 | | Permalink

Are these standard layouts or have they been amended at all.


Statement problem

tomsk100 | | Permalink

If you select one of the Statement layout files who’s file name begins with 2008 then problem doesn’t occur.

(They are the old Version 2008 Statement Layouts).

It happens on the new layouts when you have customers with more than one delivery address.
Even though the companies you selected from your customer list may not have alternative delivery addresses.  

I would simply amend one of the old layouts to suit and run with that. It worked for us anyway.   

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Slow document production

ara.martirossian | | Permalink

This may also be due to large logos or extra calculatiosn being carried out.

We normally optimise the statement layouts when we implement DocHyperlink which enables customers to download their own copy invoices via a hyperlink, significantly improving debt collection!

A good starting point would be to reduce the resolution of the logos and compare performance based on embedded as well as linked logos too.


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