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Sage 2012 v18 exporting to Excel

For many years I have exported all P&L entries for a financial year to excel to prepare my P&L in Excel. All has worked well via ODBC until the most recent version of Sage (2012 v18) where it now returns two entries for each transaction thus doubling all entries in my P&L. Anyone got a fix for this?



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Hi - Which data table are you connecting to using ODBC? or are you using Excel integrated reporting?

Does sound unusual because our management reporting pack does not experience any problems with Sage v2012.



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There have been some issues with the ODBC driver for v2012 and it was definately broken by Update 3.  If you go to there is a hotfix for the ODBC driver so I'd definately download and install that.


Tables being used in report

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Tables being used in report are Audit_Journal, Cat_Title, Category and Nominal _Ledger.


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The penny finally dropped on my problem, I have two charts fo accounts. Once I point at a single one the problem is fixed.

Thanks you for your assistance.



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