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Sage 50 2010 Year End

Evening all I’m trying to run the Year End procedure but it brings up a window with ‘Rolling up nominal 5000 (cost of sales)’ and a processing bar but doesn’t go any further? I’ve tried on two PCs running Windows XP 32bit and one running Windows 7 64bit, but with the same result. I’ve left them all for hours in case it just takes some time, no joy... The file does have errors on it, but all seem to be prior year so the year end has been run with them already... They are transactions with 'invalid bank accounts' and 'not linked to ledgers'. They were ‘fixed’ by the previous book-keeper and the ledgers balance/reconcile etc. Any advice hugely appreciated!  P.S. Don't have Sage cover etc... Cheers  Pat



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If you have errors then your data is corrupt and it needs to be sorted out as, as you've found, Sage will not function correctly - 1 error is too many.  With the existing errors that you have described Sage, essentially, does not know which accounts the corrupt transaction belong to which is why the Year End procedure is failing to complete.

As you don't have SageCover, Sage will fix it for you but they charge up to £795+VAT for an overnight fix.  I offer a data fixing service that is usually much cheaper than Sage's.


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Agree with John - Data with any errors at all can not be relied on and all sorts of things will go wrong - your reports could be nonsense.  Upgrading usually makes it much worse.  You must get it fixed.  I have used John's service to fix data recently and he was much more cost effective and much faster than using the Sage fixing service.


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