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Sage 50 Customer Memo File

I have a client with a considerable amount of information in the Memo file for each customer.

They now want to print this in a report format with the name of each customer above or beside it to indicate who the information relates to.

I can not find a method of extracting the information from each Memo file and then adding the relevant Name to it.

Is it possible?

Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas.



Print Memo

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You can not do it as the memo is not exposed to the ODBC driver.


This is what my clients and I do

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Just an idea for you .  Not quite what you want but may help others .  It means you can tidy up and clear up memo files with out losing info.

1) Open up a blank word document and go into your memo and highlight all the text and your notes press Ctrl C ( or you can highlight what you need , remember you can edit the word Document as well and highlight certain info better if you want ) 

2) go back into your blank word document and press Ctrl V and all your memo will appear on a black document and you can print from there.

If you feel your memo  is also to full you can do the following.

Once you have copied into that document you can delete and clear the memo .

Save the document to your filing system on your computer. (For example customer memo folder ) Giving it an suitable name. Then if yo do the following .

1) Go to the memo tab on your Customer. 

2) Add Attachment .

3) You have a couple of choices here.  1) you can add a shortcut here to the relevant document and any other info or move the file in to sage data or copy the file . 

you may wonder why all the options, If you copy the file into the sage Data folder . When you backup including attachments all this info is included on new machine .  If you use the shortcut route it is linked to the files on the a network or stand alone machine.

4) You will see that it starts listing the relevant documents ( See below example)  and you can use the print list button to print the documents.


You can attached anything you like to a customer memo tab which means you have everything in an instance.



Hope this helps .  What I do is when the memo is getting to full , for example save the correspondence by month on a word Doc or create a pdf doc so no changes can be made.  Which ever suits yourself. 

Kind Regards Sarah Douglas. Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services,  Glasgow

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