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Sage 50 with multiple invoice email layouts

Hi all, this is my very first post so please accept my apologies if this had already been covered in a previous thread.

I have which I think is a strange scenario, I have sage 50 and have recently decided to use the email invoice function to send out invoices and statements to clients rather than use postage. My issue is that I have 3 different types of products that require me to have 3 different terms with clients,

1 - Product 1 = I give 30 days’ credit

2 - Product 2 = clients pay in advance

3 - Product 3 = clients pay in advance

I am also a DD originator and request funds by DD from my client’s bank accounts.

My issue is therefore when I email out invoices to clients using sage, I need to have 3 separate style of invoices each indicating its own payment method, but when I highlight the invoices to go out via the email system within sage, it just goes out without the option to choose which layout to use. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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multiple invoice email layouts

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Instead of hitting the Email button to send them, choose Print. This will present you with the list of templates and allow you to choose which to send

Once you have chosen the right one, click the Email option at the top of the template selection box to email them


Help finding the layout

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As mentioned by the Witch- Queen you can choose which layout you require from the list of templates but as a "tip" if, when you edit a layout you put a numerical value followed by a close bracket ")" before the name of the invoice, the layout will then appear at the top of the template list, which will save you searching for it

i.e Name =      1) Email invoice 30 days, 1) Email invoice 60 days ans so on


multiple invoice email layouts

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Another option is to combine all terms and payment methods into one layout and then depending on whatever the criteria is the appropriate terms and payment method are printed

we do something similar

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we do something similar with a template based on the invoice currency.

We now only use one template knowing that the correct layout will appear every time. This is achieved by using conditional formatting although you could also use an expression based on some other data field.

So our USD invoices print with the correct currency name & symbol, and the correct USD bank account for remittances. For Euro invoices, we have a Euro bank account that gets printed on the invoice. And of course GBP has a different sterling bank account and sort code.

For your invoicing, you could create an expression along the lines of "If product code = X1, then  print this text box, or if it contains product code X2, then use a different text box, and if neither of those two, then it must be product code X3 which requires another text box.

Essentially, you add the different text boxes to appear in different places on the template while testing and previewing your layout. Obviously you add the format expression and conditions to the template. Once you have got the correct expression and you are potentially satisified with the result, then you move those text boxes so that they appear on top of one another which looks a jumbled mess, but when the expression or conditional formatting is processed, then the correct "layer" is printed as required and the invoice is always formatted correctly. 

By the way, we use Sage Accounts 50 2010 (version 16). The Report Designer on older sage versions is less advanced.



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Multiple invoice layouts

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I also agree with Witch-Queen, this is how we use multiple invoice layouts in Sage ourselves and it works well.

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