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Sage instant V 16 - my Chart of Accounts is blank

Hello everyone

Am hoping someone techy enough can help me please - I have just looked at my chart of accounts and for some reason it is blank & whilst I can produce a trial balance I can't get any P & L reports.

I know from having previoulsy phoned SAGE there is a path I can use to find the COA & copy it on to desktop etc etc but can't remember the exact detail & was hoping someone would be able to help.


Many thanks


Copy the COA..    1 thanks

johndon68 | | Permalink

Assuming you are:

a) Using Windows 7 or Vista

b) Using the default Sage nominal codes

You can do the following:

  • Take a backup
  • Go to the folder c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010\demodata\accdata
  • Copy the files 1.COA and CATEGORY.DTA
  • Paste both those files in to c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010\company.000\accdata


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