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Scary weather


I know people know I like the Snow and the winter in Scotland,  but I might take that back today.  Hurricane Winds , Snow , Ice , all at the same time .  I don,t usually worry but I am glad to see my husband home a hour ago , after killing him for driving in this weather , and thank god the schools are closed.  My house is rattling , so it is hard to do work.  I think I will watch a nice film. 

Does the wind scare you , when I was younger in Dublin  I remember a gale blowing and killing a girl under a bus.



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I'm not keen!

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I worry too, not so much for myself as for the animals. They cannot spot predators when everything is shaking, and they cannot hear them above the noise of the wind.

My TB mare used to dance around like a ballerina when it was really windy, but it made for some 'fun' rides!

I hope you feel less worried now your family is home. Enjoy your film :)

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I used to love stormy weather ...

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... as long as I was indoors that is, I loved hearing the windows rattle in the frames (we had proper wooden ones back in the day) and the trees creaking and just the general banging and bustling of the air.

Now I own my own house I now just wonder what the cost of putting the damage right is going to be in the morning!

But that said, I think I still love it, if you have driving rain lashing the windows so much the better, and a bit of thunder and lightning in the mix is perfection, I wish they still needed manned lighthouses, that for me would be bliss I think.

Snow is good for the first few hours but then it becomes a pain in the proverbials, although if you can arrange some around Edinburgh and Glenrothes towards the end of February Sarah, so I can't get to a wedding I would rather not attend but cannot miss, so much the better :o)

But, wife gone to Wisley tonight to see Mary Berry and a tad worried as it is getting somewhat blustery (to understate in the English way) and there are lots of trees en-route, especially as she takes the country roads, not liking motorways, although you're just as likely to end up under a 38 tonner that has blown on its side as a branch from a tree!

And finally, got to take dog out for a wee in a sec, and she hates the wind under her tail!

Hi Shirley and Old Grey

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Hi Shirley and Old Grey Accountant.

I am more relaxed now watched a film with Rob Lowe.  It was really quite frightening all day in Glasgow as we were right in the centre of red alert.  Quite a lot of trees about.   Shirley I was anxious as my husband decided to come home right at the point the police ask and made a statement that no one was to travel, Everything shut down in Glasgow.  Now you know the Scottish are hard so it was bad the amount of debris flying around. 

I have to say I think Nicola Surgeon made the right decision, because if the schools had been open at 3 .  I do think people would have been killed, the majority of people did not go to work today and listen to the warnings .  Otherwise Glasgow Station would have had overcrowding.

Old Grey accountant you could pretend you thought their was snow in February 2012 as the Daily mail or always good for a snow story,  when something actually happens their calm .



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So scary for you Sarah

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I heard the winds were something like 160 mph in the Cairngorms!!!

You had much worse weather than we did in the NE of England, but we have had bad winds, hail & rain, but we haven't been advised not to travel so I am at work today as usual.

I hope the weather settles down for you, Sarah, and nobody gets hurt.

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I got stuck on the mainland for 5 hours ...

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as the ferry to the island wasn't running ... in the end I had to drive to another port and queue with everyone else to get on their.

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An advantage, surely? ;)

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