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Sites like for Accountancy?

I was looking at this site yesterday ( and interested to see accountancy services being promoted.  I think the one I saw was for self assessment returns for £5 .... eek!

With the growth and popularity for sites like this I wonder how these could best be used as part of a marketing mix for accountants in the UK. 

Would this be a good way to build trust?

Would these be completely the wrong type of work/clients?

Is it a good alternative to a straight forward 'freebie' offer?

Just a few things I was thinking of. 


What are your thoughts on sites like this?

I am not an affiliate for the site and have no benefit of promoting it just curious of thoughts. 

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Interesting site

The Minion | | Permalink

It could be useful as a freebie thing but hen again you have to ask yourself how many people will go on there to find tax returns etc, you woudl probably need to have a link pointing at the site, which defeats the object.


i have looked at the tax return one and it is an ACCA finalist as well.


I did always think that you couldnt do stuff on your own as an ACCA student because you dont have a practising certificate, must have misunderstood that.

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You do need a certificate don't you?

maxxy | | Permalink

You do need a certificate don't you to offer with a professional qualification?  or can people still offer without any professional qualification associated with them?

Then there's stuff about data protection, money laundering, and professional indemnity but I hadn't really thought of that until you mentioned it.

Practising certificate

SAservices31 | | Permalink

ACCA finalists are not allowed to do this work last time I looked at the rulebook!

Definitely not

Outofpractice | | Permalink

As an ACCA finalist myself I can confirm they are NOT permitted to prepare accounts or tax returns I.e anything were a third party relies upon the information. They can offer bookkeeping services to trial balance only but CAN NOT use ACCA's name to promote themselves or mention ACCA anywhere in their advertising.

Looking for bookkeeping, payroll, vat clients

missionaccountants | | Permalink

Hi Guys, I have started an accountancy firm few months ago, I am looking for clients who wants accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, self Assessment or any type of service they require from accountants. 

Please can you tell me how should i target more clients, currently I am doing marketing through leaflets and also in some local newpapers as well. I am also interested in sub-contracting work from bigger accountancy firm. Please can someone of you give me some point or tips that how should i approach bigger firms or new clients.



As for me it mostly depends

katrinlar | | Permalink

As for me it mostly depends on the area you are working in and what your company is specialized on.

You need to analyze what kind of clients you have and whether they would likely agree to such an offer.

For example for - Custom Essay Writing Service it is hardly possible to implement such thing even if to talk about the range of services and content expansion.

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