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So, I think with the snow ...

... common sense is dead, or at least hibernating!

Home phone line u/s, laptop Kaput and can't find the wireless dongle so had to go to the office yesterday.

Coming home in the dark around 7.30pm I lost count of the number of cars that, had I not been driving with extreme caution, I could have shunted. Why, because they are too idle, lazy or ignorant to bother clearing the snow from their cars. It is very hard to see a car that matches the colour of the road, at night when the lights and reflectors are completely invisible due to a layer of snow almost as thick as the driver! 



Wipers only

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I think some people think that if they can see out of the tiny patch cleared by their windscreen wipers then all is well with the world. No effort to clear the rest of the windscreen or anywhere else on the car.... Morons!

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Many local Authorities

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gave out answer phone messages Friday lunch that schools would be closed Monday and Tuesday. Best one of all passengers arriving for their cancelled flight at Heathrow have been told that the millions of pounds worth of equipment can't be used cos the operators couldn't get to work - priceless.

In the winter of 63 I never had a day off school nor did I not do my paper round. So what is different?


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Is far too worried about someone having a slip or trip and then falling foul of H&S regs. Schools can't operate but we businesses have to carry on regardless. I'm skyping today instead of a meeting I had planned!

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I'm working at home, too

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Residents near our office have informed us that all the schools are closed, and the Bus Station has been closed. If the buses can't negotiate the roads then I am not even going to try!

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johnjenkins wrote:

In the winter of 63 I never had a day off school nor did I not do my paper round. So what is different?

I remember that winter. I recall that the snow was as high as the road signs (my dad took loads of photos) but I can't remember whether I managed the trip to school, or not.

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