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So what's happening on the Agent Strategy front?

I've heard it said that the Revenue are having meetings with some of the professional bodies about the Agent Strategy. Perhaps Rebecca can comment?

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I compliment you on your intelligence

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I don't have any specifics but I would expect that the HMRC response to the consultation document is being pulled together. Whether it will make the Chancellor's autumn statement on 29 November I don't know - I suspect that it's a bit too boring to the lay public (and indeed possibly Mr Osborne) for that, but my recollection is that we were to hear more in December, so not long to wait.

I shall be returning to my "roving reporter" role when we get something, and provide a summary on the main site plus discussion threads here if there is any meat in it. Hoping so - althou tax returns beckon so it will be a challenge!

Thanks for raising this!

So ...

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that's a 'Yes' then.

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