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Software Satisfaction Awards

Just got an email from Xero asking me to vote for them in the Software Satisfaction awards, and it got me wondering how I can vote for VT. Couldn't find it on the AWeb site. Can anyone help me?


VT do not enter    1 thanks

vtsoftware | | Permalink

We do not enter. However, you can refer to VT's summary of the highly objective ICAEW survey.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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We want you to enter

BigBadWolf | | Permalink

Hi Philip,

Just out of interest why don't you enter - you know you would give the big boys a run for their money. Surely it is good publicity for you?

We might not win!

vtsoftware | | Permalink

The last time VT was in the awards VT did not win, although it was some time ago when the product was not as good.

Clearly, some vendors go to some effort to persuade users to vote for them. That is not something VT feels comfortable with. Maybe I hark back to an older and more honourable world (if it ever really was).

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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