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Song Chain

ShirleyM gave me the idea for this thread.

I posted this song 

She said it reminded her of this one 

Which in turn led me to think of this one 

So, what is the next link inthe chain?

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??? Henry may help OGA!

ShirleyM | | Permalink

You've posted the same link twice, OGA, but a great idea all the same :)

HENRY... when will we be given the ability to edit the opening post on a discussion thread?

If we are sticking to the doom & gloom how about this one?

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Following on from Eve of destruction - tax deduction!!! 

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I was aiming at a similar tune rather than similar content but whatever, as long as its good music!

It was supposed to be this link, which I think is a dead ringer for Shirley's one (I always get in a pickle when I have two tabs open, one with the thread and one with YouTube! 

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next in line

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Please don't ask me why ... but that one reminds me of this one ...

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That reminds me of ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... Sheffield's finest contemporary son and daughter 


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... and from a Scot to a Scottish Fantasy

ShirleyM | | Permalink

... this young woman has such talent ...

.. and hope you won't mind it not being a song.

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Keeping on the Scottish theme, this talented pair ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

.. were equally at home with comedy, as with what I think is the most beautiful song ever written.

Roy Williamson is sadly missed. 

EDIT to put this up (for personal reasons) 

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the granny theme moves to Ireland

ShirleyM | | Permalink

... be careful if you sing along ;)

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Ah Grannies!  I think I had

justinelaws | | Permalink

Ah Grannies!  I think I had better put up a potential language warning.... I THINK this version's OK....!

Grannies will always make me think of: 

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Great minds hey Shirley! ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... but how can you mention Grannies without this one! 

now, where did I put that bucket...!

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Which in turn ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

(dint of being sung by characters from WW2 sitcoms)

... leads to this beautiful song, beautifully sung: 

which leads me to this one.

which together with this John Masefield poem:


A wind is brushing down the clover,
It sweeps the tossing branches bare,
Blowing the poising kestrel over
The crumbling ramparts of the Caer.

It whirls the scattered leaves before us
Along the dusty road to home,
Once it awakened into chorus
The heart-strings in the ranks of Rome.

There by the gusty coppice border
The shrilling trumpets broke the halt,
The Roman line, the Roman order,
Swayed forwards to the blind assault.

Spearman and charioteer and bowman
Charged and were scattered into spray,
Savage and taciturn the Roman
Hewed upwards in the Roman way.

There -- in the twilight -- where the cattle
Are lowing home across the fields,
The beaten warriors left the battle
Dead on the clansmen's wicker shields.

The leaves whirl in the wind's riot
Beneath the Beacon's jutting spur,
Quiet are clan and chief, and quiet
Centurion and signifier. 

Inspired me to write a poem of my own, which is one that I am particularly pleased with!

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Don't keep us in suspense then - where is your poem?

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One day ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... may be ...!

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