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Sorry, jumped the gun

We had a what do you want for Christmas thread...

... How about a what was your favourite one you actually received?

I am still tossing up between my Johnny Flynn CD and my petrol leaf blower/sucker/chomper. I fear once I have sobered up enough to be allowed to use it, it will be the latter!


Difficult to remember what I got!    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I did enjoy the Outnumbered Series 4 dvd I received and I'll re-enjoy it several times. I also got a goat, but alas not a real one :(

Peace and goodwill for all got lost in the post somewhere given that there are more deaths and divorces in the news already. And learning that a close relative has cancer (but hopefully not a serious case) kind of took the glow off the post-Christmas chill-out.

But I'm alive, so are my little ones, the world continues to turn and there are still plenty of decent people left out there. I think that's even better than the socks I got!

ps Don't suck up gravel with your new toy OGA, it makes a really scary sound and does horrible things to the machine's innards! (Take it out in the woods though and you could have some seious fun!!)

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Thanks Flash ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... for the gravel advice, but you could have told me to make sure I re-zip the collection bag after I empty it, still it's a good way to mulch the patio!


Flash Gordon | | Permalink

It's not just me that does things like that then :)

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It's got to be the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band Anniversary Concert DVD

Democratus | | Permalink

But why oh why was I left alone in the living room to watch it, have my family no taste.

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