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Start up - CIMA Continuity partner




I am currently trying to set up my own practise as a CIMA member in practise, I primarily intend to offer freelance management accounting services in the Yorkshire area.

However, I am struggling to find a continuity partner to complete my application, I have tried several avenues, including CIMA's online forum but with no luck so far.

If anyone has any advice, suggestions or is looking for a continuity partner themselves then please get in touch





Have you any luck finding a

TinaPrice | | Permalink

Have you any luck finding a partner?

Let me know as I am in a similar position.



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@ Tina

rohit | | Permalink

Hi Tina

I noticed Alison's post was from January but you have recently posted so thought I'd reply to you.

I am currently considering starting up a new practice as well & in the same position. I am in the process of completing CV, PII, terms of engagement etc formalities to CIMA. Probably another 3-4 weeks to receive my PC.

Where are you based? I am in the North West of England. Let me know your thoughts?





Hi im Acca and was wondering

Abacusms | | Permalink

Hi im Acca and was wondering how you got on with finding someone to enter into a continuity agreement with. Im currently in the process and have someone who is considering it but doesnt seem too sure. I am looking into the option including making provision for it in the articles of association but need more info on what that includes

Would be good to know how others have got on

Continuity agreement

Abacusms | | Permalink

Hi did you have any luck Rohit? Im in the northwest and currently in same situation

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rohit | | Permalink

Sorry just came across your post...I am currently working towards MiP status. This is basically getting permission from CIMA to practice.

Please do let me know if you need any help or advice as I am sure ACCA have something similar in terms of requirements.



Looking for a continuity Partner

foofu21 | | Permalink

I am currently setting up my own practise firm and to do this I need to be a CIMA member in practise, my intended services include, final accounts, tax services, VAT returns, filing of accounts, payroll and management accounting in the Peterborough area ( Cambridgeshire).

It has been very difficult getting a continuity partner to complete my application, I have tried the MIP CIMA Sphere forum and emailed some accountants on the CIMA find an accountant list but still no luck.

If anyone is interested, kindly call me on 07887423373 or provide guidance on a faster way to get a CP 


Thank you


i too am looking for a continuity partner

bobsto12 | | Permalink

Hi foofu21

Did you manage get a continuity partner and if so where did you find them.

I am a CIMA member applying for a MIP certificate and am finding it hard to find one.

I am 15 years post qualified  intending to offer all accounting services financial and management

based in Hampshire.

thanks for any info you can provide.



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